Our History

europeanimmdisembarkmelbourne1949In 1848, visionaries in our community established the foundations of Jewish Care with the establishment of the Melbourne Jewish Philanthropic Society to provide assistance to people in need. The entire Jewish population of Victoria numbered only 200.

As wave after wave of migrants established their home in Australia, our organisation, together with the community, continued to grow and to evolve, responding to the changing needs and aspirations of people it serves..

PURIM_PACKING_36Now, 167 years later, Jewish Care continues to touch more than 15,000 lives each year. We help individuals and families to live full rewarding lives with a range of services including financial support, education and employment, transitional housing, disability services, youth programs and community and residential aged care. 

About Neshama Blog

This year, Jewish Care proudly launched the Neshama Blog. In Hebrew, ‘Neshama’ means ‘Soul’ and that’s exactly what our blog is all about.

In this blog, we feature inspirational and thought-provoking content about our diverse community of clients, residents, volunteers and supporters. We share heart-warming stories and interviews, photo galleries and videos, opinion pieces and causes to support.

Join the conversation in the Comments section but please be respectful of other readers at all times. If you have suggestions for improvements, email us at marketing@jewishcare.org.au

Last but not least, please help us to spread the word about the Neshama Blog by sharing the link with your friends and families. Thank you!


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